Friday, August 26, 2011

Clearly...I'm a "Teacher Week" slacker! But I'm making up for it now! :)

Ok, so I haven't posted since Monday, and that means I missed Teacher Talk Tuesday & Where It All Goes Down Wednesday.  But, I'm making up for my missing posts now!  So here it goes...

Teacher Talk Tuesday 

For all you new teachers out there:
Make sure to communicate with your parents.  I think that's all parents really to be in the loop as to what is going on while their children are at school.  Make a weekly newsletter, create a class website, send home a weekly behavior note, etc.  Whenever you communicate info without parents having to ask, the less stressful your school year will be.

Get as much as you can ready over the summer.  Trust me, I LOVE my summer vacation!  But I spend a lot of it preparing for the upcoming school year.  With two kids at home, I can't get to school as early as I'd like or stay as late as I'd like, so I make up for it by doing a lot over the summer.

Be organized!  It takes a lot of initial effort to be organized, but you will thank yourself later.  I have a huge file cabinet, and in it, I keep a file folder for every unit or chapter that I teach.  I keep the master copies, projects, project examples, & rubrics inside (only the things I'm actually going to use).  Then, during the school year, when it comes time for that unit, I make all the copies at once and store them in my literature organizer.  That way I have everything ready for the entire unit, and I'm not spending all my prep time at the copy machine.

And lastly, but most importantly, remember that you do have a life outside of school!  Take time for yourself and enjoy it outside of your classroom once in a while. :)

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Here is a peek at my classroom for 2011 - 2012...

Three For Thursday
My Favorite Font
My Favorite Blog
I love SO many blogs, but I really enjoy this one:

My Favorite Online Resource (most definitely)

Forgive me for posting pretty much everything in one night, but my first week back at school has made me so exhausted!!  And now it's time to get some shut-eye!  Adios blogging buddies!


Abby said...

Thanks for the shout-out, friend! Your family is adorable! And what a totally amazing classroom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome classroom! Where did you get the big numbers that have the number, number word, and tally marks?

Tasha Clapp said...

The numbers are made by Creative Teaching Press. I got them 3 or 4 years ago, though. Thanks, Abby! I love both of your blogs!

Ms. J said...

Your classroom is adorable!! I love your library area. Where did you get the rug?

Miss J @

Tasha Clapp said...

Both rugs are from IKEA. I love them!!

Mrs. Kenyon said...

I love your classroom! I hope you don't mind me copying a few of your ideas. For instance, the organization of your math displays and you student desk set up!
Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

Ms. Knitsalot said...

Where are your kiddos cubbies? I am new in the classroom next year (1st) but have been in the library for the past I'm trying to get classroom organization ideas. Your room looks very cozy.

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